Q.     How much will the work cost?

A.     Simply call us on 8264 0676 and we will arrange a suitable time to meet  and discuss your tree care needs.  Once we determine that , we will give you a free quotation.  And don't worry, we stick to our prices - no hidden surprises.


Q.     My tree is very big and hangs over my house and I have a garden right beneath it.  Can you do the job without damaging anything?

A.     Sure can, our climbers are trained, experienced professionals.  They will use advanced mobile rigging techenics to safely lower parts of the tree down to a  clear area.


Q.     Can I keep the firewood?

A.     Certainly, we will cut the timber to roughly 16" blocks.  We can leave this for you, alternatively we will remove it from site if preffered.  This will be discussed during the quote, as it may affect the price. 


Q.     When you say 'stump removal' what exactly do you do?

A.     Stumps are removed with a special machine that actually grinds it into mulch.  The grindings will fill their own hole.  On large stumps a mound of excess grindings may be left, it is great mulch and suitable to spread elsewhere in the garden.


Q.     When and how do I pay for the work?

A.     Payment in full is due on completion.  You can pay by cash, cheque or direct payment into our account on the day.